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Cflow develops, designs and manufactures complete fish handling systems for the fishery and aquaculture industry. Our focus is to increase fish welfare, growth and quality through gentle handling of live fish, with innovative system integrations and process control. Today, Cflow's fish handling technology is one of the most used systems for loading, unloading, cooling and the transport of live fish.

Our values are described by the 5 Cs: Controlled, Continuous, Chilled, Careful and Clean. Each C helps to increase the value of the fish.

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By customising the products based on a high understanding of our customers' needs, the objective is to provide the best solutions within our business areas. Our total solutions are assembled using both proprietary products and sub-systems from reputable sub-suppliers.

Cflow aims to safeguard the customer's fish quality throughout the value chain. Our philosophy is to develop and produce systems that are efficient, gentle and easy to handle, and with a minimum fish rejection.


Cflow main office_DJI_0587_edit_webCflows Headquarters in Langevaag.

Cflow is located in Langevåg, outside of Ålesund, where today we are approximately 80 employees.

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